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Hong Kong’s Advice to Make an Application for Job Visa

The inhabitants of Hong Kong, who are looking to get a visit abroad During their Easter holiday are advised to file their application for travel documents from an early period. A spokesman in the Immigration Department has stated that the time necessary for HKSA (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) to process the applications of passport is generally 10 working days only after receiving all of the crucial documents like the applicant is picture and the fee for your program. As regards children that are below 11 years old and are not holding the permanent identification card of Hong Kong, it normally takes 14 working days. Regarding the applications which are filed through internet or drop box, it may normally take 2 to 3 working days. Any registered applications pertaining to harm, loss or any change in the personal information need to be submitted in person. The time necessary to process such applications may be long.

All the candidates who are qualified and Are above age 18 might need to submit their applications of HKSAR passport during the self-service booths which are offered at the immigration Headquarters. The applications may also be submitted in the accessible branch offices, during the working hours of the office. All the candidates who are qualified and Fall in the age group of 11 years – 17 years might need to submit their applications of HKSAR passport through the stalls available in the Headquarters of Immigration, during working hours of office. All the applicants payroll outsourcing hong kong that are prepared to accumulate their travel documents in person are advised to make their previous appointments via net.

job visa hong kong

The branch offices and the Headquarters Of immigration supply the application forms for passport and provide the pamphlets relevant to the information on the application procedure and the necessary documents for submission.

ROTI (Registration of Outbound Travel Information) can be utilized by the residents of Hong Kong before their trip abroad. This job visa hong kong information provided would be useful to the immigration section of Hong Kong to expand their service to the Hong Kong residents under scenarios which may involve some seriousness, or in the event of any unexpected events that may happen during their stay out Hong Kong.